Location: Berlin, Germany
Surface: 280 sqm
Category: architecture; residential
Year: 2018

In Berlin’s famous Knesebeckstrasse traditional elements blend with modern aesthetics. A complexity of space is underlined through concrete geometric elements that intersect the main space. In this penthouse, smooth concrete and plenty of windows bring air and light to the atmosphere. The space is opened to the maximum, together with the rooftop terrace full of vegetation and with a potential for urban agriculture. This family apartment is designed with attention to details. For example, concrete bench along the wall has different functions: storage for umbrellas, shoes, visitor’s jackets, greenery, seating, etc. Along the dinning room and living room wall, the bench is integrated with the fireplace, making an exhibition wall where we placed artworks but also making a cosy seating or napping area with a lot of pillows. These functions can, of course, always spontaneously change by the client as they desire. We implemented a vertical garden with common plants used indoors such as aroids like Philodendron, Anthurium, Epipremum, many species of Peperomia and Begonia and different ferns. Also, we payed special attention to lighting everywhere in the penthouse: we also have decorative and atmospheric lights in different areas for dining, kitchen, reading, stairs, bedroom, outdoors.


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