Location: Lachen, Switzerland
Surface: 215 sqm
Category: architecture, residential
Year: 2018

Lachen villa with its special location right at the Obersee lake of Zürich, enjoys its residential calm, resort, beautiful flair and beaches–all that just 30 minutes from Zürich. Lachen is known for it’s part-time celebrity inhabitants and its exquisite villas. Villa Medusa is one of them, built in 1990. Three years ago Villa Medusa was bought by Dielel Renz Family. When they arrived, they had one kid and now the family grew to parents with 3 kids and their needs have have to be adapted to the new situation and their lifestyle. Sinestezia spent several days with the family, understanding their modes and habits. Pursuing Feng Shui was a wish of the clients and and we were guided by a FS specialist Markus Frei. We have proposed a vertical functional layout that will allow faster and slower activities. Important was to recreate a new warmer facade – a real skin, able to change and adapt to climatic demands. It will at the same time make difference to surrounding neighbouring houses, and will adapt to the landscape and seek ressemblances with natural materials in the surroundings. Water, mountains and greenery were even for the facade primary design principles. Interior guiding principle was the idea to ‘tell stories’ of each space and to have a visible connecting wireframe tying all these ‘stories’ in a book or all the spaces as one house.


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