Location: Paris, France
Surface: 115 sqm
Category: architecture, residential
Year: 2018

The project scope is a renovation and addition of few rooms in a historic building and area of Paris. Rue d’artois existed already at the beginning of the 16th Century and was part of the Royal circle. Le compte d’Artois was a political figure with plans to rename the entire area ‘la nouvelle Amerique’ inspired by the discovery of America. Following this context and a multicultural family we created a cutting edge design for this unique place. Keeping up with the Parisian apartment feel, we renovated existing ceilings , enriched gypsum plastic on the walls and used mat oiled oak parquet for floor coverings. But above all we wanted to create something magical and pushing Parisian experience over the edge. Unexpected dark blue or dark green wooden modules, making the communication between the different zones. Throughout the whole apartment, detailing is made by the use of colour, which comes in contrast to the white finishes and walls.


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