Slide Beyond

Status: 2. Price Jury Favourite
Client: Minimum-Bulthaup
Location: Berlin, Germany
Surface: 27 sqm
Category: architecture; residential; competition
Year: 2016

Our Microwohnen unit layout seeks to maximise spatial perception of a limited size through longitudinal organisation. Spatial expansion and spatial extensions are used to the façade and toward the hallway. Windows of the glass box open on the sides allowing the space to become an open-air terrace. From the façade side we achieve a space that opens up to the public realm and through large rotating doors from the other side we are invited to a collective participation. On the hallway side a toilet unit and a furniture unit are transparent elements, the inside/outside limits are disappearing and an easier dialogue is taking place between the residents in the building. The space inside remains a void with generous dimensions and is very well lit. The structure of furniture elements is as a kit of elements that give multiple possibilities for user’s creativity. There are no interior partitions touching the elements separating the unit. Our proposal aims at a large user diversity: preferably we see people there who are ready to be creating diversity to the given framework – modifying according to personal preferences: no shame, no inhibition, happy, local, living in the moment.