Campus 2020

Year: 2015
Client: TU Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig
Location: Braunschweig, Germany
Surface: 1500sqm
Category: architecture; cultural; competition

Right in the centre of the TU-Braunschweig we dream about a vertical structure with the birds eye view. We see the utopian image of sliding things without touching each other. Network of gigantic rollercoasters sending stuff up and down including students! It’s a perfect networking and play experience. There are 7 zones, 5 are in the middle of the given lot, all supporting infrastructure and fluids, and 2 at the both far ends of the lot radiating further from the Zeichensaalgebäude, both supporting stairs. The zeichensaal space is taking all the surface of the given lot and is suspended as a sandwich between these structures. As it is a temporary building it can work for years as a building, and when the need for it will no longer exist, Decken could be removed to leave place to steel structures. This network of non-linear polyether functions as shell and needs small sections of structural elements and low-rigidity solution at joints. Start construction of your Zeichensaal Greenhouse a year in advance if possible. Add organic matter. Structures will be pre-welded and brought on site to be screwed to the foundations. The foundation will be kept to the norm for this type of construction.