Delta Planeta

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Surface: 280 sqm
Category: architecture; commercial
Year: 2017

Ecotop * is a message of complete integration: technology, man and nature. Delta Planet is not only green, it is sensitive to climate change, to living beings, humans, animals and plants. The paths of animals that are as local as birds, insects, smaller animals and even foxes, etc, pass through it. The first mall that realistically connects the paths of flora and fauna, a mall where we can at the same time monitor the natural development of fish, birds and plants. In the near future there will be chickens to buy their eggs, on the big screen via VR cameras we monitor what is happening in the nests of Banja Luka, will be able to feed and care for pets (plants and animals), mall becomes a place to stay, enjoy and rest, where to learn and where to transfer knowledge. Entering Delta Planet is about to make it better! Delta Planet is becoming a regional center that attracts tourists and all people of goodwill who want to participate in innovation, in ecology, who want to breathe “full lungs”. The concept of Ecotopes (integration: technology, man and nature) corresponds with the concept of Empathy. Empathy * means to feel another. The concept of Empathy is just as important in the exchange between people, and even in shopping, I feel something about a brand, that’s why I buy it. So it is in architecture, so to animals and plants.