Category: architecture; cultural; competition
Client: Grad Zagreb
Surface: 13.105 sqm
Location: Dubrava, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Year: 2014

Cubification was an urban and architectural design for a Gymnasium complex with the central Ice hall in Dubrava, Croatia. The concept is that the concentration of natural and urban cubes. The architecture brings the natural beauty of the peripheral space to the heart of the complex and the spaces create constantly different perspectives that encourage people to move through the site, under the edges of the building and the cantilevering parts and to experience the city in a different way. The geometry of the buildings is highly precise and mathematical creating sensory experiences of the light and the movement . The lobby and main entrances are largely open and allow public to see through and create moments of porosity through the entire building. Dominant structure of ice skating hall is associated with the cold season. Combination of the geometric composition, light translucency and reflection create a torqued effect on the buildings. Some structures are tilted and cantilevered. The landscape brings the natural beauty.