Client: Studio Sinestezia
Location: Senjak, Belgrade
Surface: 60 sqm
Category: design; comercial
Year: 2011

This project is one of a series of project at Sinestezia that deals with typological ready-mades (such as wooden crates or similar) and it takes to continue on other concepts of successive architecture. But even more importantly, it is one of several projects for which lighting is a significant protagonist. This project is a transformation of a 3 bedroom apartment into an architecture studio. That Highrise building is located in Stefana Filopovica street In Belgrade, initially built in the 70ies. What is so imminently beautiful about the building in the 70ies is the way in which it takes to continue on other concepts of successive architecture. Sinestezia got this space because we were planning the entire Greening of the facades in the entire Complex and then ended up managing the entire Owner meetings putting all around the same Develppment vision. Bering in a 20 floor building the sky, coming from the garden to the inside, the window looks out onto the neighbour slightly raised over the garden level. This bucolic green setting contrasts to the view through the interior, black walls, crates and metal furniture but still large and open to other 4 desparate highrise buildings.


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