Apartment is located in city center of Belgrade, in Vracar, the most desirable area regarding both cultural and commercial amenities in the city. It is envisioned as a place to stay longer than in a regular hotel and also to provide the same feeling as at home. HomeHotel G13 is a studio apartment meant to accommodate a family of five, to be consumed during their stay in the city. It will meet the needs of the family as a regular home through random stays during the year, in various occasions. Studio is cozy 40 sqm space, with wide living room and tiny room for kids big enough to settle three beds and space for play.Imperative was to form big and spacious room for gathering, which will cover the needs of all daily activities of one family. The apartment is organized so the central space can be as wide as possible and gather all daily activities in one ambient. Kitchen, dining and living room are flowing, one next to the other, over the central island which is in the same time shelves in kitchen and living room, and with its biggest surface it is forming dining table.All the spaces that can be used as utility are settled on the entrance of the apartment, in a way to form funnel which opens widely as you step over the imaginary line ahead. Children room is compact, organized as a train cabin, with three beds, one above the other, so the most of the room space is intended for playground. Beds and table are movable and entire space can be easily rearranged. Space is minimal, white, attracting the light from the outside, reflecting it over wide polished surfaces. Furniture is integrated into the walls, making the impression of disappearance. Just the island in the middle of the studio represents a living thing with its fluid, changing shape.


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