Client: Family Ries
Location: Belgrade city center, Dorcol
Surface: 130 sqm
Category: architecture; residential
Year: 2014

The concept of this apartment was to enhance a long line of activities and unify them through the structure in space, with the same motive. The apartment is split between activities with the day zone stretching over the spine of the apartment with cooking, eating, living, studying, and working lined up respectively. The ambient unification of the day zone activities is amplified with the gypsum boards cut in diverging and converging lines and shadows which run through the entire length of the day zone and interflow down over the kitchen cabinet. Having all bedrooms directly open to the living space accentuates the centrality of the common activities and the continuity of the spaces. Old brick walls, original floors, windows were treated, maintained, and kept as originals. Old brick walls were illuminated with hidden LED lights behind the suspended ceiling framing. Old doors were kept as originals while new opening were treated with small but aggressive modern moves for integration and recognition. Old massive pendant in the kitchen coming from the old was treated with the new material providing a true physical mix of the two. Old tiled stoves in the living zone, entrance, and the guest room were preserved with the background of white walls. Connecting lines and open space provide the warm communication between the daily activities turning them into one continuous and uncategorised activity throughout the day. Furniture such as the desk in the study area or the kitchen cabinet in cooking area also makes way or marks significant points of these flowing lines in order to accentuate the communication and be part of the flow. Minimal intrusion through furniture. Light pouring from the invisible ceiling ridge on top of the concrete wall. Double level bed with the second level made out of a net provides space for play, relax, and even sleep. All custom made furniture easy to build provide storage for toys, wardrobe, thinking bench by the window, desk, educational wall, etc cater for all kids activities. Large wardrobe glazed with mirrors increases the spaciousness of the hall while providing a glimpse of the rest of the apartment.


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