Two Condos

Client: Private
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Surface: 160 sqm
Category: architecture; residential
Year: 2007-2008.
Design: Sinestezia
Principal in charge: Ana Zatezalo Schenk
Project Team: Čedomir Ristić

The Building is located 5km away from the centre of the town in the historically preserved area. The design was determined by the notable influence of the built-up and landscape surroundings. The roof offer a panoramic view of Belgrade. Thus in order to preserve the visual relationships and control the complex correspondences between the existing and new. As a result, two apartments are created, each two storeys high with 3-site-orientation. One of them was developed in details by studio Sinestezia. We tried to offer a rich variety of spacial conditions and tectonic contrast: intimate/open, high/low, rough/refined. Apartment is designed as open space, with detached rooms and doors only on the restrooms. The main entrance is positioned to reach the heart of the apartment, where all convergent axes meet. Lower level is dominated by huge living area with views spreading to surrounding greenery. Upper level is house „den“ where one can isolate to work, read, meditate or enjoy home steam sauna or amazing view over the terrace. Townhouse is giving attention to clear traces and axes, „V“ shaped columns, steel console staircase and designed pieces of light and finishes.