Summer Residency

Client: Private
Location: Herceg Novi, Montenegro
Surface: 100 sqm
Category: architecture; hospitality
Year: 2013-2014

The guest house is built as an alter-ego of a larger structure: the main house. In contrast with the very closed impermeable nature of the main house, guest house is designed to let the nature inside. Through the continuous glass plane, sun rays enter the whole entrance area. Together with the glass plane, layers of wood screens, setbacks, felt curtains, and double height space create a mobile permeable boundary between the traditional exterior and the interior if preferred. The corner details are worked out with particular attention creating a continuity of materials and surfaces. Interior was also designed through a set of wooden screens, planar table, sitting benches, etc. which pay attention to the continuity of the surfaces. Otherwise they provide an invisible separation of programs such as eating, socialising, changing, relaxing and so on.