Ivan Ribar

During the 1990s illegal settlements began to grow at the edges of the Modernist blocks of New Belgrade. During the summer of 2011 the City Council has launched an open competition for social housing. As one of the main issues is the division between existing opposites, it was important to bridge this and create interaction between existing and new settlement. Therefore, Sinestezia gave a proposal for the inclusion of the new block through the creation of mutual cultural-economic dependence between existing and new. It is planned to be achieved by the creation of cultural and commercial amenities which the existing blocks of New Belgrade lack. The residents of the new social housing will find their place in the community of New Belgrade. Secondly Sinestezia aimed to make a balance between attractive, affordable, unusual and modular to fulfil strict requirements considering capacities and budget given by the Competition. Therefore, a cube shaped module has been taken to provide maximum of efficiency in production and cost. By horizontal and vertical repetition, as well as translation and rotation, an urban setting for the new block in New Belgrade has been created. All the blocks have been organised to provide maximum insulation and air flow. Three inner parks are organised as semi-private block’s with amenities which are primarily designed for residents of the surrounding buildings. Each flat has a small terrace and a French window, while bigger flats with two to three rooms have their own loggia. Finally, the proposal is striving to provide pleasant affordable environment for its future residents and to create link which will secure inclusion of the old-new residents of New Belgrade.