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Housing Herceg Novi

Client: private
Location: Herceg Novi, Montenegro
Surface: 1200sqm
Category: apartment building
Year: 2007- 2008
Status: uncompleted

A four storey house had to play the role of “city door” as the clients called it. Situated at the entrance to the city, overlooking the sea, the location of this project is alone ambiguous.

The site is characterized by its sloped contours; with the back garden access 5m below the level of the street. The building is two storeys’s higher on the street side and creates an underground parking area. This four-storey building might read as a smaller house sitting upon a podium.

The ground floor has been divided into an office and restaurant on one side and an inner green area with swimming pool and an open bar on the other. A range of different types of the apartments have been combined freely thus generating complex elevations. Each unit has a sea view with large balconies receiving the most sun. The silhouettes of people moving inside will be visible on the south-west facade like on a screen. The stairs are situated in the very centre of the building, transparent from both sides dividing the building into a connecting buffer zone between the units.

The final result is a residential building that is like a door you can see through, a gap which light and air penetrate. Circulation including elevator and stairs is located in the long central core of the building with a spinal column for services.

The building had to provide each apartment with a terrace and a view of the sea. This complex demand was met providing a key landmark to the entrance to the city.

Design: Sinestezia
Principal in charge: 
Ana Zatezalo Schenk
Project Team: Cedomir Ristic