Together with Jorge Godoy Roman, Ana Zatezalo Schenk founded Animalesque - that started as Architecture Association Visiting School and Extended Programme located In Berlin and developed into a Collective. This Year Animelasque invited students and professionals from all over the world to explore the meaning and expression of nature in the urban space. Animalesque enlarges its animals repertoire from insects to birds, searching for new knowledge given by these creatures that reign trees and skies. We research their meaning and connections within the urban systems of Berlin at The Floating University, where we designed and built a nest. The Floating University is a unique experimental and community driven space, located at a rainwater basin near Tempelhof Airport, where nature did its job and turned it into an ecologically active lagoon. Its abundant flora, muddy waters and traces of pollution provide a strong framework for an urban, interactive meeting space for insects, birds and humans.


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