Ana ZS

Ana Zatezalo Schenk founded Sinestezia in 2005. She is a graduate from Paris Villemin School of Architecture (2000) , and recieved Master’s degrees in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University (2002) and in International Management and economics from HEC, Paris (2012).
Ana is also director of Animalesque – Teaching Programme that started as AA Visiting School of Architecture in Berlin in 2017. Ana taught at TU Berlin and TU Braunschweig since 2013 and recently started teaching senior students about the health and the city at TU Berlin.
She is a big nature lover and she investigates and stimulates new ways of co-existence of animals and humans in the urban space. She likes to run and camp. Ana speaks English, French, German, Russian, Slovenian and Serbian.

Sinestezia is founded by Ana Zatezalo Schenk. We enjoy being part of Lobe Block community located in Berlin Wedding. Creative and high-energy, we value team work, we work closely with clients and other members of our design team, including engineers, landscape architects, graphic designers, botanists, ecologists or artists.

We work collaboratively, we consult and conceptualise implementing architecture on all scales as well as projects that include spatial design, strategic frameworks, research, curatorial approaches and discursive activities. Together we provide customised solutions for each project.

We see enormous potential in creating bespoke designs to international clients arriving to the city, but we work on all scales and for all types of clients, both locally and globally.

We search for stimuli in the world of optic, cinematic, acoustic and written information, in art, in fashion, in science and ecology and in the new technologies.


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