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Watching tower

Client: Carska Jabuka d.o.o
Location: Zrenjanin, Vojvodina
Surface: 100 sqm
Category: Leasure
Year: 2010
Status: Completed


Watching tower is situated next to the special Nature Reserve Stari Begej – Carska Bara
It is a remnant of the once flooded area in the lower Begej River. It is a mosaic of fishponds, swamp, marsh, forest, meadow, and steppe intersected by rivers, canals, and embankments. Vegetation consists of salt-tolerant communities, a rich aquatic flowering plant community, and steppe vegetation. The diversity of biotopes gives rise to high species diversity at the site and includes various rare, endangered, or vulnerable fish, birds, plants.
Working with all our senses not just vision following the rhythm of the surroundings, all repete with light and shadows.  This is a design in the open air, in the place that responds to all the vibrations your bady produces in you. We spent many hours in front of where we had to build, in front of the landscape.

It is a two story wooden structure with strong cantelevered terasse, built on four points Watching tower on legs is situated on the edge of a lake overlooking large apple with crossing wooden beams.

It has two floors and fits in the rural atmosphere .At the top of the pile dwelling place we have designed a place to guard, which is used for observation of the wider environment, especially apple orchards, day and night. We designed pile dwelling, which represents type of house taken from the old Slavs. The uninformed visitor has the impression of “Watchtower even in heaven or on earth.”
Although the pile dwelling designed to guardian of apple orchard not exclude other possibilities such as the observation of birds, lake and nature because it is a beautiful place to the north side of the pond embankment protection Ecka, the eastern embankment protection against “Imperial Bari, and the west and south by a line that provides edge off apple orchard.

Design: Sinestezia
Principal in charge: Ana Zatezalo Schenk
Project Team: Ana Zatezalo Schenk, Cedomir Ristic