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Geneve Villa Massot

Client: private
Location: Archam near Geneve, France
Surface: 780sqm
Category: villa
Year: 2009
Status: drawing elaboration

The house is situated in Archam, one hour by car from Geneva and was originally built in the 70’s. The back of the house has views of the Alps and the front is looking over the valley.

The main task was to extend
the original house up to 1500 sqm and at the same time to preserve it as much as possible.
The architectural concept was simple. Maximize: SPACE, LIGHT and VIEWS. It brings light and air into the interior and blurs the distinction between inside and the outside. The house becomes room less; the space is based on the continuity of spaces and of the circulation of this organizational system.

It is well integrated into the landscape and is very much open to the city below.The glass section in the middle of the house now represents direct communication and cohesion between two parts of the house- day zone and night zone. It has great importance in the new house bringing better seasonal recuperation of light.

Direct and indirect connections to nature have totally transformed the house. Glass panel walls completely open it up, becoming a platform defined by an abstract roof plane, a palette of natural materials, the hillside, garden and view. *The house simultaneously confronts the strong mountains, rises above the Geneva Lake and sinks into the landscape and surroundings.
The platform that surrounds the house is made so it connects all points of the house exterior and when it’s made green it unites the house perfectly with the landscape.

Design: Sinestezia
Principal in charge: Ana Zatezalo Schenk
Project team: Ana Zatezalo Schenk, Cedomir Ristic, Natasa Vukosavljevic, Sandra Draskovic