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Skadarska Housing

Client:  Private
Belgrade, Serbia
Surface: 1800 sqm
Year: 2012.
Status: Conceptual design


The site is located in the heart of Belgrade, Skadarska Street, a prominent street with a rich cultural heritage. It is fronting onto one of  many lively green markets, an essential element of daily life in Belgrade.

An awkwardly shaped plot and a demand for a high density of dwellings encouraged a design comprising of 4 compact apartments based around a central service core. Centrally, on a perpendicular axis to the service core is the circulation space with apartment entrances. The geometry of these intersecting lines reach the aim of dividing the plan into 4 equally sized apartments whilst also shaping a dynamic building form.  A strong but fragmented form is created by revealing these functional intersections, providing a series of uninterrupted vertical lines.

Design: Sinestezia
Principal in charge: 
Ana Zatezalo Schenk
Project Team: Ana Zatezalo Schenk,  Ivana Nenkovic,  Zana Aras Ziad