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Re-housing Athens

Location: Athen, Greece
Surface: urban plan 5000 sqm + building 456.2sqm
Category: competiton
Year: 2009


•Size of the construction area: 5000 sqm
•Building height: 15,5
•Gross building area (excluding storage, parking, underground and mechanical rooms)
•Gross building  volume : 1634,13m³, •Area of Semi open Spaces: 30.26 m2, •Balcony area: 82.53 m2, •Car parking spaces: provided under building n36
•Number of Floors: 3+set back floor, •Footprint area: 130m²

This project examines contemporary architecture in Greece in the context of the urban, social and cultural changes being driven by globalization and rapid economic development. We like the idea to think that the present situation is a physical city and that we are building in a new social city. The building is made up of connected structures and includes 18 apartments, plus kitchenette, lounge, welcome, billiard space, barbeque space. The virus spikes create the space in-between the public and private areas of the housing complex and the neighborhood network. It is the semi-private space, the step between the street and the room. They include all movements, stairs, and elevators, shared spaces as sitting areas, dining and kitchen. They are trying to reach the skin of the building and bring light in. They penetrate the rooms and end up to cantilever balconies, another semi-public space of the rooms. Also these spikes can create a separate space in the room, more public one, maybe one that can open and close in times of the day or the month…becoming party space, exhibition space. This project expands the conventional focus on “housing” as a general economic or social condition to include examination of the individual dwellings for younger and its spatial contexts. Moving beyond the large scale, this project tries to demonstrate how importance of contemporary Greek culture attaches to the activities and environments of everyday life.

Link  http://www.upto35.com/assets/images/boards/QVTBKJ_B1.jpg


Design: Sinestezia
Principal in charge: 
Ana Zatezalo Schenk
Project Team: Yota Adilenidou, Cedomir Ristic, Sandra Draskovic, Natasa Vukosavljevic