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Japanese architect Tomohiro Hata from Kobe is first prize winner of the international competition for the architectural and urban planning design of Boka Artist Residence, organized by the architectural studio Sinestezia .

Out of 242 registered participants in the International One-stage architectural competition for architectural and urban planning design of Boka Artist Residence development, 29 entries were received by the specified deadline. The entries were submitted by contestants from 17 various countries.

Second place won architectural team from Slovenia: Ziga Misjak, Vesna Lenart, Jana Petkovic, while the third place went to architectural team from Taiwan: Kuan-yi Ho, Kuan-chi Feng, Pei-Chi Chen, Shih Chun-ren.

The winner Tomohiro Hata lives and works in Kobe, where he founded his architectural office. Among several awarded projects that he has realized, House Complex won the prestigious WAN House of the Year Awards 2011th.

On the Coast of Montenegro in inspiring Mediterranean ambience, Boka Artist Residence is envisioned as a stimulating place for all forms of activities, which includes art, theory, architecture, design, literature, music, new media, cultural production, as well as science. Place that will encourage a dynamic intercultural exchange and interactions, cooperation and connecting Montenegro with the countries of the region, Europe and rest of the world. In order to achieve this vision, competition requirements was to create spatial matrix with two basic program segments.

Namely, Boka Artist Residence facility with communal spaces, garden and pedestrian routes, which should assert project vision aimed to create space that will support vivid, dynamic atmosphere and openness, inspiring social interaction with variety of activities and collaborations. On the other hand, small house units for accommodation in accordance, are planned to provide necessary autonomy for temporary isolation and full concentration of work for its visitors.

The winning work, “Stone Terrace” is an architectural urban ensemble which represent unique, but at the same time unobtrusive scenery. Relying on the use of stone, objects make an impression that they are natural feature of the site environment, despite their contemporary design.


This result is achieved not only by using the stone, as the main material, but also with the strategy of following the contour lines of the terrain. Following their stream, author has created urban plan which deviates from orthogonal, and thus designing an organic and exciting whole, which relies on what is already there and quite natural.


Contour lines and a natural slope, were also used as a guide lines for the main building and small house units floor plans, as well as for pedestrian paths, achieving a diversity of objects, while the pedestrian route acquired a forest trail form, always unpredictable and interesting to walk around. The main facility, aimed for common activities is a complex layered composition. Its every part has a gallery with a unique view of the sea, and this scenery is also enabled from the swimming pool surrounded by vegetation and greenery.


The main building, forum and a swimming pool located in the center of the site, have been formed according to the contour lines of the terrain. Houses for individual accommodation, arranged organically, create an impression that they are a natural part of the environment. With a bay view,  pedestrian rout and its natural flow connects the entire plot, but serves more than just a communication line, offering an additional element that contributes to the interaction, socializing and meeting of visitors.