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MIMOZA Green Redevelopment

Location: Herceg Novi, Montenegro
Surface: 120.000 sqm
Category: Design proposal
Year: 2009.

A proposal for a unique holiday spot on the Montenegrin coast just few minutes from the border with Croatia, called ‘Prevlaka’. The intention of the project is to provide a comfortable resort with many amenities and uses within an exceptional green ambience. The site is virtually car-free and the buildings are constructed using modern sustainable techniques.

Two distinct parts are connected with a bridge that serves as an entrance, and a great place for viewing the sun set.  Integrating the visual and lived experience of unspoiled nature with plants indigenous to Montenegrin coast, Mimoza Garden is almost wild. Pedestrian roots weave through the garden with viewpoints and areas of contemplation within its greenery.

Each apartment block on the slope has its intimate garden space, with a memorable view on the Adriatic Sea. Mimoza ridge sits like a rock formation on the slope. In contrast to the leisure facilities, rich nightlife is planned on the coast next to Marina with beach-friendly plants.

Design: Sinestezia
Principal in charge: 
Ana Zatezalo Schenk
Project Team: Cedomir Ristic, Robert Burhardt , Johanna Moser
3d: Bojan Graovac