The Non-standard weave was a workshop performed by 7 students from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade at the UIA Conference in Istanbul. Students built a complex three-dimensional surface by transferring information from the virtual space into the real time by intertwining different resolutions of the surface created in Maya software. The Non-standard weave workshop transferred the complex digital models through a simple, traditionalist, almost mundane craft into vanguard surface refractions. Each participant built their own surface in Maya which was then translated into the two-dimensional subdivision. The subdivisions became three-dimensional objects by simple th! read movement. The complexity of interlocking knot transitions allowed for multidirectional variations of perforated skin. This complex interchange between the digital and the real space exhibited potentials for occupying public space by amalgamated interventions. By combining traditional craft and new technology, the non-standard projects designed by Sinestezia + Studio Simbiosis and exhibited at the Conference could become reality in the most primitive environments. The Non Standard weave workshop breaches the fragmented areas of local expertise into a powerful ubiquitous force for advancement.


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