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Instalation Kalemegdan

Client:  Cultural Heritage Preservation Institution of Belgrade
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Surface: 40 sqm in 300.000 sqm park
Category: Competition
Year: 2006.
Status: 3rd Prize

Kalemegdan is Belgrade fortress dating from Roman time. The city population was concentrated within the walls of the fortress, thus the history of the fortress, until most recent history equals the history of Belgrade itself. This proposal is a horizontal landscaped topography with historical signifiers and triggers for Belgrade.
The installation itself is ease to built. Could be made out of triangulated mesh, each connecting to the other through a connecting ribs. It could be also any material but we suggested metal to reflect the sky.


Design: Sinestezia
Principal in charge: 
Ana Zatezalo Schenk
Project Team:  Cedomir Ristic