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Europan Reims

Client:  Europan
Location: Reims, France
Surface: 15Ha
Category: Competition
Year: 2011.


Reims is a city in north-east France, 45 minutes from Paris by the TGV Est (high-speed train) and at the heart of a rich agricultural and winegrowing region which is home to most of the best “Champagne” vintages. Situated in the Marne Department and the Champagne Ardenne Region, it enjoys a privileged position on the edge of the Paris basin, served by three motorways (A 4 Paris – Strasbourg, A 26 Calais – Dijon, and A 34 Reims – Sedan). Reims, France’s 12th city in terms of population, is the centre of its 29th largest conurbation.

This characteristic is a result of the compactness of the city centre, which on its own accounts for 87% of the conurbation’s total population, and is also explained by a low level of city centre overspill and relatively limited suburban sprawl.

Because of this feature, there is a shortage of available development land, so mobilizing all available land potential has become a major priority for the city’s planning processes. The Reims landscape is therefore characterized by an absence of urban sprawl. Squeezed into the

Champagne Crayeuse landscape, with its uniform topography, the city offers on approach the appearance of a continuous built frontage. Given the rich heritage and the features of the landscape, one of the priorities of Reims’ planning and sustainable development policy is to maintain the balance between urban development, protection of the environment and quality of landscape.

In particular, the emphasis is on enhancing the quality of public space, which structures the city and models its landscapes, by developing its natural components and promoting green forms of transport. Another priority is to structure mobility and organize transport: promoting safe and high-quality public space by encouraging use of the bicycle, improving public transport by developing intermodality, in particular to facilitate links between residential and employment areas, by creating dedicated public transport lanes and improving accessibility.


Design: Sinestezia
Principal in charge: 
Ana Zatezalo Schenk
Project Leader: Sasa Klopanovic, Cedomir Ristic, Matija Zivadinovic, Mathilde Parois | Marine de la Jaille
3d: Uros Kovacevic