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Client:  private
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Surface: 27 sqm
Category: Office furniture
Year: 2010.
Status: completed

Office / office space is space in which working person spends most of his days. With this impression we projected office where working person would feel comfortable and relaxed.
Furniture and shelves are the main focus of this area. Removal, storage and a huge amount of information, and if necessary –they should be hidden. Therefore, the entire circuit is transformable and allows you to change if needed. We did not want to lead the standard practice of the cold corporate colors. We have introduced color with the meaning and impression that the client left to us and we wanted to this office do the same.
WHITE-White color means security, clarity, simplicity, generosity, morality. The applied symbolism is associated with professionalism and businesslike.
BROWN-applied through the wood, its shade & structure of the material through which we made this space a little bit warmer. Refers to the comfort, stability and simplicity and we wanted to emphasize. Meanings are earth, stability, friendship, home, comfort, durability, strength, productivity, convenience.
GREY-The communication convenience, safety, reliability,
wisdom, persistence, maturity, compromise.

Design: Sinestezia
Principal in charge: 
Ana Zatezalo Schenk